• PSA 5A 分子篩
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    PSA 5A 分子篩
      Ozone catalyst
      Honeycomb molecular sieve
      ceramic filter
      Porcelain sand filter
      Water treatment filter material
      Ceramic Random Tower Packing
      Ceramic Strutured Packing
      Plastic Random Tower Packing
      Plastic Structured Packing
      Metallic Random Tower Packing
      Metallic Structured Packing
      Catalyst Bed Support Media
      Acid-resistant Brick,Plate
      Molecular Sieve
      Refractory Ball
      Thermal Storage Ball
      Activated Alumina Ball
      Ceramic Grinding Media
      Honeycomb Ceramic

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    陶粒濾料,規整填料,鮑爾環,矩鞍環 Pingxiang Meitao Chemical Packing Co.,LTD
        Pingxiang Meitao Chemical Packing Co.,LTD is was founded in 2001 year, and located in Economic and Development Zone; with tremendous technical strength and advanced equipments, we specialize in production of various kinds of ceramic, plastic and metallic tower packing; chemical packing; wearable materials and environmental filters etc. Those products are widely ...[Detail]
    Metallic Wire Gauze Packing
    13X Molecular Sieve
    Ceramic Strutured Packing
    PSA 5A molecular sieve
    ozone catalyst
    Inert Ceramic Ball 17%
    Ceramic Filter
    Technical support: Ganxi Network Copyright @ Pingxinag City Meitao Ceramic CO,.LTD
      Factory Address :Gongyuan North Road, Pingxiang Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province?Email Login
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